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Feel the Rhythm...Embrace the Spirit of The Healing Force, a family of singers, storytellers and musicians.  We provide a number of programs to fit your needs.

  Audience engagement and participation is our standard.




Our Programs

The Rhythm of the Drum


The Healing Force brings “The Rhythm of the Drum” to life with this spirited performance. As the drums have been a means of communication in Africa for many centuries, it is totally fitting that the “Rhythm of the Drum” should resound with the sound of high-talking djembes!  Other traditional African instruments are introduced in this performance. Participants from the audience (much to their delight) get the opportunity to play shekeres (beaded gourd instruments), talking drums, rain sticks, rattles, and agogo bell (cow bell) in a culminating “jam”. Melodious sounds of the thumb pianos (instruments made from gourds and metal, played with the thumbs by all members of the group) can be heard throughout the program.


Maximim # of participants: Infinite - as long as there is enough space for everyone :)

Drum Circles


Our special Drum Circles are a fun way to learn rhythms on the Djembe - A very popular traditional West African Drum.  

This workshop is perfect for summer camps, afterschool programs, senior citizen activities, special clubs and groups, family reunions, conventions, corporate mixers, etc.


We bring the drums.  Bringing your own djembe is also a great idea.


Maximum # of participants:  30



Joe Anderson & Friends


Joe Anderson & Friends is a band formed to commemorate the music of the 60's and 70's that was recorded by Joe Anderson.  Joe Anderson is most commonly and affectionately known as Baba Joseph of The Healing Force.  This performance features Classic Soul and R&B.  Musicians from the community who have joined the set in the past are:  Matt Kendrick, Jazz Bassist, and Thomas Jackson, Drummer/Pianist.


This music is very upbeat and the main focus is LOVE!  Hire Joe Anderson & Friends when you want good, quality dance music, love songs, and a smooth ambiance to add to your party, business gatherings, wedding, festival, concert stqge.  


Contact Us for pricing.

TheCrew@ShelbyHS 272



We will come to your school or building and do a 1-5 day residency.  We have an interactive exhibit with over 150 different artifacts and pictures of the places we have been in Africa.  This exhibit features masks, jewelry, clothing, toys and pictures.

We also facilitate drum circles, jewelry workshops and dance workshops.  On the last day of the residency, there is a culminating performance.


Give us a call for pricing and availability.

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Download the Teacher's Guide Here.